Book Presentation: "Globalisierung. Literaturen und Kulturen des Globalen"

On May 20, 2010 the graduate program presented the new publication by  Prof. Ulfried Reichardt „Globalisierung. Literaturen und Kulturen des Globalen". The event took place in the foyer of the International Meeting Centre at the University of Mannheim - an adequate location also for celebrating the graduate program's  5th 'birthday'.

The publication was introduced by Patrick Ramponi, stipendiary of the graduate program's first generation, who is currently working at the Chair of European Cultural History at the University of Augsburg. Globalisierung. Literaturen und Kulturen des Globalen deals with the various dimensions of globalization but its main interest is to provide an answer to the question of how globalization can be  used methodologically in the fields of cultural studies. Is it possible already to talk about a global turn? If you are interested in the answer, we recommend you to read the book.