Selection Criteria:

  • Requirements for the checking of the application are: filled in application form, academic CV, list of publications if applicable, detailed and meaningful dissertation proposal (up to 10 pages) and two letters of recommendation by professors.
  • We expect an above-average graduate degree (equivalent with the German Master or Staatsexamen with a degree of at least 2.0 in the discipline that you aim at doing your doctorate in), a distinguished and coherent dissertation proposal that demonstrates the project's feasibility in a time frame of three years (If all requirements are met, the scholarships that are usually granted for two years can be prolonged for another year).
  • The dissertation projects are supposed to be innovative and independent contributions to the graduate program's research. This applies to the research objects as well as the theoretical approaches and models.
  • The dissertation project should be centered in one of the following disciplines: media and communication studies, history (from the Middle Ages until contemporary history), literary and cultural studies and linguistics (focus on English, American and Romance studies). Exceptions to this rule can eventually be made for other disciplines within the School of Humanities.
  • The successful completion of the graduate program is rewarded with the conferment of the degree Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.).
  • Foreign applicants must prove very good German language skills to be able to participate in the graduate program and its courses and to enroll themselves as doctoral students at the School of Humanities (see FAQ). In special cases exceptions can be made upon request.
  • The graduate program "Formations of the Global" considers itself as a special implementation of the structured doctoral course offered by the School of Humanities at the University of Mannheim. All stipendiaries therefore participate in the structured doctoral course (see curriculum).
  • We expect doctoral students to take residence in Mannheim and to participate in colloquia, symposia, doctoral seminars and other activities of the graduate program. Moreover we expect a willingness to discuss research results, a disposition for scientific dialogue and for the organization of symposia and conferences.
  • Shortlisted applicants may be invited for an interview where they are supposed to present their project.