Dr. des. Igor Krstic


Slums on Screen: A Polycentric Approach to World Cinema's Planet of Slums.


  • M.A. in Film- und Fernsehwissenschaften an der Universiteit van Amsterdam.
  • 2009 - 2012 Stipendiat des Promotionskollegs "Formations of the Global".
  • 2012 - 2013 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Universität Mannheim.
  • Seit 2014 Postdoktorand an der University of Reading.
  • Kontakt: i.krstic[at]reading.ac.uk



Today, approximately one billion people call slums their home, making it a reasonable claim to describe our planet in Mike Davis' words as a Planet of Slums (2007). Yet, how has life in the "planet of slums" been depicted in world cinema? How did filmmakers deal throughout history and across geographical space with the problem of representing urban poverty on screen? To answer these questions the study historicizes and contextualizes a variety of representative examples from different historical periods and geo-cultural regions in order to provide a polycentric view on "world cinema's planet of slums". Polycentrism, the study's guiding concept, is derived from Unthinking Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the Media (1994), in which Robert Stam and Ella Shohat introduce the term as a systematic principle for studying global media culture from a non-Eurocentric point of view. The study discusses therefore not only examples ranging from the late nineteenth to the early twenty-first century, but also films that are set in the favelas, bidonvilles, shantytowns or chawls of various (mega)cities in the world, such as Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Havana, New York, London, Abidjan, Lisbon, Skopje, Mumbai and Manila.



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  • Proseminar II: History and Theory of the Documentary Film, Universität Mannheim, FSS 2013
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  • Proseminar II: History of Hollywood Cinema, Universität Mannheim, HWS 2012-13
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